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The power of transparent stories

The media channels of the world had been chasing Felix ”Pewdiepie” Kjellberg for over a year’s time. When the biggest star on Youtube, with over 40 million followers, finally gave his first cover interview he chose to do so with Swedish ICON Magazine: An open-hearted and honest portrait of a young gamer from Gothenburg who suddenly became both hated and loved by an entire world. The interview echoed in The Wallstreet Journal, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter and over other 200 media outlets globally.

What is transparent storytelling, and why is it more important than ever?

Together with Joel Persson, Peter Smirnakos founded ICON Magazine five years ago – a magazine that has set a standard for unfiltered portraits in Swedish media. In the autumn of 2016, they published a book with publishing house Volante, compiling the magazine’s most renowned portraits. Alongside ICON Magazine, the founders apply the same philosophy to their creative studio ICON Brands, helping companies like IKEA and H&M Foundation engage, inspire and build loyalty.

Welcome to attend this creative morning with Peter Smirnakos, talking about the power of transparent stories! Tickets to be released Monday 12th at 11.00am!

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