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In July we focused on what we can do with our bodies to align ourselves more with nature and ‘home’ around us. However, this month, we tackle a topic that is often spoken of but hardly genuinely understood.

Let’s talk about STRESS.

August 2020 we turn our focus inward to what is going on in the ‘home’ within ourselves. We dig into what it means to experience and handle times of adversity and anxiety and potentially also how to use these as cornerstones of growth in and along our journeys.

We are so delighted to have Nic Haralambous share his experiences and learnings with us this month.

Nic is a global keynote speaker, obsessive entrepreneur and published author. He has successfully sold three businesses in the past decade and many side hustles under his belt.

His entrepreneurial career began at 16 years old and includes many learning experiences through businesses that didn’t work out as planned.

He has stress-induced hair loss, been hospitalized for a ruptured stomach ulcer, had kidney stones on more than one occasion and suffers from bouts of insomnia and migraines. All thanks to that lovely combination of stress and anxiety.

We look forward to you joining us on 28 August 2020 as we share in his journey and allow ourselves to delve into our own ideas, thoughts and definitions of the concept and reality of STRESS.


This is a VIRTUAL event, happening online. Please scroll down to find more information on how to attend.

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