Neil D'Souza, Zaya Labs

Hosted at Indian School of Design and Innovation

part of a series on Education

About the speaker

Neil D'Souza is the founder of Zaya, a disruptive educational social enterprise that is bringing the online education revolution to the bottom of the pyramid. During his time at Cisco, Neil developed a strong passion to help underprivileged communities and he set his sights on how to bridge the education gap for children in remote regions of the world. He spent a couple of years in Mongolia and Indonesia, in villages piloting technology that would enable access to learning for everyone. Neil is an avid traveller and has lived, traveled and worked in 40 countries. His new passion is triathlons and cycling and he recently finished his first Ironman in Malaysia.

Local partners

Additional details

Zaya Labs provides blended educational technology and services to students in low income schools around the world. Its model allows students to divide their time between digital content on tablets, instructional time with a teacher and peer-to-peer group work. The company has created a “LabKit”, which includes all the components required to set up a blended online and offline learning lab in low-income school settings.

And thanks to our global partner, CreativeLive, we’ll be giving away 3 live classes to 3 lucky people who attend the talk!