Nadeem Mazen

Hosted at Bill Bordy Theater at Emerson College

part of a series on Ink

About the speaker

“We make makers.” That’s the motto of danger!awesome, the hands-on laser cutting, etching, 3d printing and vinyl workshop in Central Square whose goal is to cultivate a mecca of thinkers that are invested in global issues, youth development, and creative building.

That’s one hell of a mission, and one CreativeMornings can get behind, which is exactly why we invited Nadeem Mazen, CEO and all around badass to speak at our March event on ‘Ink’.

Nadeem is a Cambridge City Councillor, co-founder of makerspace danger!awesome, and founder of creative agency Nimblebot in Central Square. He has spent the last several years as an instructor at MIT and faculty member at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, teaching undergraduate and graduate students the principles of tech and art entrepreneurship. His political work centers around economic equity, education reform, government transparency, and government innovation. Nadeem is a leading voice for hands-on learning, interdisciplinary education, and educational equity in Cambridge.

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CreativeMornings/Boston is back in March to tackle the theme of “Ink”! Join us as we continue a new year full of creativity, sponsored by our friends at Emerson College, Union Square Donuts, Black Magic Coffee, and The Danger Booth. Enjoy a nice warm breakfast, great networking, and a fantastic session led by danger!awesome CEO Nadeem Mazen. Best of all, the event is completely free for all attendees!