Muse with Stephen & Taylor Smith

September 27, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at Muse GR

part of a series on Muse

About the speaker

Stephen and Taylor Smith are the owners of Muse GR, an interactive art gallery on the Westside of Grand Rapids. Through Muse, Stephen and Taylor connect with the community through art to encourage positive transformation and discovery of one’s purpose and passion.

Stephen is a local photographer and educator for Grand Rapids Public Schools. Taylor has gained a love for writing and digital media while working many years in non-profit communication. Together they serve the youth of Grand Rapids and aim to inspire others through artistic collaboration.

Additional details

Who better to speak on the theme of Muse than the folks of Muse GR? Join us as owners Stephen & Taylor Smith dive into their creative muse and their inspiration and purpose behind Muse GR in the community.