The team you build, and not the product, is the company you will have.

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Monika is in Lithuanian Country Manager “3 years ago I have established branch in Lithuania & started building talented developers’ teams. I believe that today it is one of the most appealing IT companies in Lithuania. During my 8+ years of getting knowledge in team building and various scale investment projects’ management, I realise that company culture and Transparency in the team is core thing! in 5 year scaled from 100 to 1000 employees. It is flat structure and 8 offices world wide. How to keep transparent and make people part of the company? We believe that for all excellent employees to do excellent things they need to know what is going on, what the plans are ahead, what succeeded, what failed. Even our offices’ walls are transparent (simply because no one has anything to hide), I think TRANSPARENCY in company can be reached by way of managing.

Monika will present Gilds & Gangs model and how they keep everything TRANSPARENT!

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