Az elsőként alapított magyar improvizációs színházi műhely, a Momentán Társulat negyven perc boldogsággal ajándékozza meg a CreativeMornings_Budapest résztvevőit. Videó: Góczán András.

Forty minutes of happiness by Momentán Társulat, the first improvisation theater company in Hungary, founded in 2003. Video: András Góczán

About the speaker

At first they only wanted to make their friends laugh – now they have an own theatre in the downtown of Budapest. Momentán Társulat (Momentán Company), founded in 2003, was the first in Hungary to naturalize improvisational theatre shows (“improv”), already popular in Western Europe and the United States. Instead of the traditional, well-composed and directes plays, they put the emphasis on spontaneity, extemporisation, gags and unexpected situations. The viewers themselves can also take part in the show. The company’s motto describes them well: “Even we don’t know what we are going to do in five minutes!” The company consists of ten persons and since 2010 uses its own headquarters, IMPRÓ Kreatív Töltőállomás, , in 4 Ó Street, Budapest. For the January 2013 CMBDP, they are preparing with a 40-minutes show about this month’s global CM topic: Happiness.

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