How to get to know your neighbours, fight some rats, prepare great parties and grow some tomatoes at the same time.

4 years ago Míša attended a workshop called „How to set up a community garden“. From that moment on she with the aid of socially beneficial company Kokoza helped to grow the community garden Mečislavka in the courtyard in Nusle. Míša focuses on sustainable development, especially on topics such as the community and its impact on public space and urban cultivation. Misha shared her story about growing and how it affects humans, the closed cycle of food, growing in the city, community gardens and composting.

About the speaker

Can’t find the time to get out of urban bustle? Míša will tell us how to get back to the roots in the middle of the city and show us the benefits and opportunities of working with nature.

Our first speaker of the year is Míša Dudáčková. Míša visited the workshop “How to Start a Communal Garden” four years ago and after that, with the organization Kokoza, she helped to start the communal garden Mečislavka in a central courtyard in Nusle. The management of the garden and the creation of its community led her to establish the organization of over 30 members, which was responsible for such festivals as Zažít Mečislavku jinak (“Live Mečislavka Differently”), Nuselské dvorky (“Nusle Courtyards”) or Podnuselák (“A Run under the Nusle Bridge”). Working with the organization Kokoza, Míša focuses on sustainable real estate development, and the topics of community and its impact on communal spaces and urban gardening especially.

The mission of Kokoza is to promote composting and urban gardening. They want to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations to use composting technologies suitable for cities, for individual needs, and, of course, for pleasure.

Míša will inspire us and give us interesting information on gardening and its impact, food loop, urban gardening, communal gardens, and composting.

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