If we don’t make Chaos wrong and we can, “Sit To Tea with it”, then we can see what it has to offer us.

“Our art is there to teach us something. I feel like most often it’s this chaotic experience, it’s like Alice falling down that rabbit hole, there’s this whirlwind of things around you. What I really love about the imagery of Alice is that she’s falling down this whole, but she comes to a point where she starts to slow down and she’s kind of going down in slow motion and there’s things around her. She reaches out for some marmalade opens it, "Oh it’s empty”. Puts it back. She’s just like so Zen. In the middle of that experience of maps and books and all of the things around her. I just think that if we can get to that point where we can appreciate all of these things that are around us in the chaos of creating and appreciate them as resources that are available to us. Then chaos can be something we don’t have to fight. That we can make it our friend". Chaos is a resource that’s available to us and will always be there. It’s not going away. Chaos can’t be harnessed and can’t be tamed. Chaos is something we shouldn’t make wrong and we shouldn’t fight it either. If we don’t make it wrong and we can, “Sit To Tea With It”, we can see what it has to offer us.

About the speaker

Mindy Gledhill’s relentless search for meaning through music has led her all over the map—from recording wildly successful indie albums with award winning producers to being a guest artist on multiple acclaimed albums including a Grammy-nominated album (Kaskade’s Fire & Ice). She ventured further down the rabbit hole of music, chasing the allure of music in film where she caught spots on primetime TV (So You Think You Can Dance, Bones, 20/20, The Good Wife, Dancing with the Stars), and in commercials (Fruit of the Loom’s Olympic ad campaign, State Farm Insurance Super Bowl Campaign, and LG Phones to name a few). Her hunger to wander also led her to sing and dance with women in the jungle on a humanitarian trip to Kenya, to lead an artists’ retreat to Morocco, to guest-star with orchestras, rock bands and bluegrass revivalists. Suddenly, she found herself with a #1 single in Korea, sold-out tours in Japan, and sold out shows peppering the U.S. The trails she has blazed, complete with unexpected forks, twists and turns, have brought her to the destination of an upcoming new album on her musical map, appropriately titled, ‘Rabbit Hole.’

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