Meri File about TABOO

Hosted at Universiteti Metropolitan Tirana

part of a series on Taboo

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Meri File an artist from Albania. She completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Painting Monumental Tirana. Known as a painter of nude controversy over the topic. Participating in many exhibitions and curator at the same time.

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Everything we call inviolable and stop interfering in or referred is Taboo. A close relationship with the moral in closed societies, where every move will be analyzed or commented if silent respect the rule violated. So we are talking about a phenomenon that is not accepted or understood by everyone in a given time in a given place. To deny ourselves, submit absolutism, to lose yourself, to make others do the slave, lost your freedom. “If you do not own the right to punish (to blame), then there is no praise flathering.” Beaumarchais Gender equality must be seen as a promise to be fulfilled and not as a target to be achieved.