Maurice Young speaks on advocating for those experiencing homelessness and experiencing homelessness himself.

About the speaker

Maurice Young, a leading activist to eliminate the criminalization of homelessness and actively homeless himself, advocates daily for fair and equal treatment for those who call the streets home. His daily work includes identifying policies and practices that create systemic barriers for the homeless population and initiating litigation and/or mediation-arbitration for civil and constitutional rights violations. In conjunction with his legal activism, Young collaborates with many groups, agencies and organizations to meet the ongoing basic needs of those entering into homelessness together with those underserved within the homeless community. To date, the created access to free medical, dental and vision coverage for the homeless community has become a notable achievement. Moreover, Young’s personal efforts, homeless initiatives and community partnerships have been validated and recognized by three renown documentaries, seven film festival wins (including best picture), a 2014 Emmy Award and a prestigious Ted Talk.

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