Matthew Hoffman speaks about his You Are Beautiful project and what it’s like to be hidden

CreativeMornings Chicago with guest speaker Matthew Hoffman of You Are Beautiful.

The morning was hosted CannonDesign and sponsored by Steelcase.

The Chicago chapter of CreativeMornings is organized by Kim Knoll & Kyle Eertmoed of Knoed Creative. Follow along with us at @Chicago_CM!

Video by Ben Derico.

Photos by Chris Gallevo.

Friday, March 21st, 2014 8:30 AM

About the speaker

Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago-based artist and designer who operates out of his studio Hey It’s Matthew. He is the Founder & Custodian of the You Are Beautiful project, which has shared over one million stickers, installations, and exhibitions with the world. Hoffman’s ideas and work have been included in Good, the New York Times Magazine, and Ready Made. He has been published in a number of books by Gestalten, Droog, and Taschen, and was recently featured in a segment on the Oprah Winfrey network.

You Are Beautiful is the little sticker that started a worldwide phenomenon. This message, spread by the community, has touched lives on every continent in the world (including Antarctica). It began simply with 100 stickers printed in 2002 in Chicago, and has since evolved into block-long murals, public installations, and exhibitions at cultural institutions involving thousands of artists. You Are Beautiful has been translated into over 30 languages, with over a million stickers circulating around our globe. What happens with the next million is up to you. Grab a handful of stickers, and share this message with your world.

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I want this idea to become a household name. I don't care if my name is remembered, but the idea of it. The idea of being more human to each other to become so ingrained that it's human nature. — Matthew Hoffman

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