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We imagine a world where we’re seen and heard, respected and valued, not for our appearance and privilege, but for our work and character. A world where anyone, anywhere, has equal access to opportunities and resources to become the person they dream about. The formula for equality is a work in progress, and this work is not done from the few with power but rather through the power of community.

Equality is harmony. Harmony isn’t achieved through one instrument; it’s a collaboration, a symphony of sounds that adds richness and texture to the bigger picture. The pursuit of equality is a long-term game, an unraveling of outdated processes that no longer serves the future we imagine or deserve.

July is here and we’re excited to Welcome Matt Morrison, Co Founder All Good and Karma Cola to share his thoughts on the importance of Equality.

Matt has been part of a range of sustainable business initiatives prior to co founding All Good Organics with Simon Coley and Chris Morrison. Together they launched New Zealand’s first Fairtrade bananas in February 2010, despite being told they were ‘cowboys’ and that no one would be willing to pay $1 more for a bunch of bananas. Seven years on, All Good has proven the skeptics wrong showing that people do want ethical produce and carving out a good share of the highly competitive NZ banana category. In 2012, they launched Karma Cola a fairtrade and organic range of soft drinks that support small producers which can now be found in more than 20 countries.

All Good and Karma Cola were founded on the principles of being good for the grower, and good for the land - these principles embody the meaning of equality and Matt will be sharing how All Good’s purpose works towards and delivers on providing equality for all. Because after all, what goes around comes around.

**Please remember there is some time included for you to have breakfast and chat to other morning people before our speaker kicks off!

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