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Matt McConnell is a sculptor, designer, and founder of McConnell Studios based in downtown Raleigh. He and his team at McConnell Studios work with a wide variety of residential, commercial, and public clients to create sculpture, lighting, architectural installations, furniture, and much more using an equally wide variety of materials. The scale of work can vary from hand-held awards and residential lighting to large scale public artwork, found in a wide variety of settings both locally and nationally.

A strong sense of collaboration and dialogue with clients including artists, designers, engineers, and contractors has afforded him broad professional experience, and an ability to contribute to the successful execution of unusual and challenging work.
A native North Carolinian, he carries degrees in Architecture and Industrial Design from N.C. State’s College of Design. After completing his education on campus, he continued to learn as an apprentice and studio manager for artist Thomas Sayre at Clearscapes in Raleigh, leaving to found McConnell Studios in 2001.

Matt’s sculptural work focuses on expressing natural forces and motion, most often with linear form. Capturing the feeling of time and motion with transformation and repetition is a common theme, along with the layering of elements in nature.

Bringing creative vision into project work is part of the goal of McConnell Studios, and sharing the energy of this process with clients and the community helps achieve that goal.

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I have a friend who's a musician and he asked me to sit down and he interviewed me about art. And after an hour's worth of conversation he boiled it all down into this one phrase, which was 'It's what moves you.' — Matt McConnell

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