Matt Busby considers our responsibility to each other and to the places we share.

About the speaker

Coffee. Culture. Community.

In one form or another, Matt’s life in Chattanooga has revolved around these three things. Since 2010, Matt has been a part of The Camp House, one of Chattanooga’s first Third Wave coffee shops. Now over six years old, The Camp House is known as a space where people gather - around food, drinks, and events - in order to work, meet, and collaborate. As the Director of The Camp House Matt constantly measures and evaluates their mission, to be a place that helps create and cultivate community and culture in Chattanooga.

In 2016 Matt launched The Camp House Podcast as an extension of that mission, creating a resource that would allow local citizens to be more informed, feel more connected, and be inspired by what is happening in Chattanooga. As a result of that experience, Matt is more curious than ever about our city, community, and culture.

In addition to his role with The Camp House, Matt is also the Pastor of Cultural Engagement for the Mission Chattanooga. When not drinking coffee or listening to a podcast, you can find him reading a book on urban design, hiking with his kids, or fly fishing on the nearest stream he can find.

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One of the great values of our age – especially to millennials – is authenticity. Because we have the ability to create our own meaning, that means we have to make authentic choices within our lives. — Matt Busby

As individuals, you can never determine meaning in and of yourself. If it doesn’t require some sort of outside structure to give meaning to your life, it does require relationships. — Matt Busby

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    One of the best ones I went to. I really appreciated his point of view.

    Elea Wright • April 21, 2017