Matt Barratt discusses the work Hoyne does to Preserve, Break or Repurpose.

About the speaker

Matt Barratt is a Creative Director at Hoyne, a placemaking and branding firm in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Matt began his career in his home town of Adelaide, working on some of the city’s most significant urban design and architectural projects. After moving to Sydney in 2004, Matt has helped reshape, reposition and implement some of Australia’s most well-known brands, including Woolworths and Raine&Horne. He has also worked on many international brands such as Hyundai and Hilton Hotels. He’s branded cities, schools, property companies, universities, football clubs, cars, shops, shoes, hotels, banks, airlines, alcohol and even a cemetery.

Even though Matt started out as a graphic designer, this hardly describes what he does today. His focus is on developing strategies that shape destinations and bring people together, from the Sydney Harbour foreshore, to Brisbane CBD and remote islands in Fiji.

Matt’s passion for creating active, magnetic places comes from his curiosity about the world around him. An intrepid traveller, Matt is constantly inspired to seek out the culture, history, personalities and soul of any place he visits.

Matt’s people-first philosophy to placemaking and branding has led to his work being consistently awarded by the DIA, AIA, AGDA and Sydney DrivenXDesign, and published in several international design annuals including Graphis and Logo Lounge.

When he’s not creating the vision for places or cities, Matt’s Italian heritage has left him with an enduring love of food and a deep connection to his local community. He loves cooking with his young family, preserving the timeless Italian ritual of sharing a meal together.

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