These wizards can turn any idea into reality

They produce eye catching images, film and beautifully crafted visual campaigns.

About the speaker

Martin van der Molen and Silas Nout are the skilled magicians behind Studio Mals, a creative studio that produces eye catching images and film and beautifully crafted visual campaigns. Their work focuses on bold concepts that are illustrated with classical methods and at the same time, it brings out the duo’s variety of skills and high tech know-how.

These wizards can turn any idea into reality and they like to have fun while they’re at it! The end-results of their creative process always manage to surprise, reflecting Martin and Silas’ enthusiasm, out of the box thinking and dynamic nature. Nothing is impossible, not even jumping through hoops on fire!

Together, they feel inspired by the city of Rotterdam, that acts as an incubator for many ideas and innovative initiatives in the creative industries and not only. Its growth-oriented mindset and range of happenings is what made Martin and Silas embrace the collaborative mentality of the city. They see the other creatives as colleagues, rather than competitors, with whom they can exchange knowledge and grow, thus further boosting the community.

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