Martin Keen

October 13, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at Alley

part of a series on Pioneer

About the speaker

An innovative leader in industrial design, serial entrepreneur Martin Keen is the founder of the socially-conscious Keen® Footwear and, more recently, the award-winning Focal Upright Furniture. His appreciation for the forms and structures found in nature and a love of competitive sailing inspire his design aesthetic, helping him create many of the market trends and innovative products in use today.

Originally from the UK, Keen holds a degree in Industrial (Product) Design from the Ohio State University. In addition to racing sailboats, Keen also enjoys traveling, beekeeping, creating sculptural pottery and snowboarding. He lives in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

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Pioneers shatter expectations, widen boundaries, and reveal new possibilities in life.

Whether the work was inspired from being on a ship or inside of a studio, pioneers act on their internal, immutable desires to create work that matters.

You might be on the edge of pioneering something new; only time and your relentless drive to create against all odds will determine that. We look towards pioneers to bring us to new discoveries, domains, and knowledge about ourselves.

We’re looking at you.

This month’s global exploration of Pioneer is chosen by our Denver chapter, illustrated by John Vogl, and presented by MailChimp.