Why we still live in an enchanted world

We see money and its world of business as something very rational driven by numbers. And yes, we do even more so with data. While the German sociologist Max Weber claimed this as a general disenchantment of the world by the sciences, the British Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke formulated the opposite in his third adage: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This talk takes the perspective of Clarke and asks what kind of magic money and data is. How is it enchanting us in a good and a dangerous way? Martin will put a spell on the spelling we normally use for describing our world we live and work in.

Be warned: maybe you will see some invisible hands doing their work setting free the ghost in the machine…

About the speaker

Martin A. Ciesielski, educated as a banker, communication scientist and media psychologist grew up in Berlin. He worked for German and American banks in Germany and did his master’s studies in the Silicon Valley about its innovation milieu. He is managing director of medienMOSAIK® a consulting and training firm for leadership in the digital age. He recently published the book Digitale Führung (Digital Leadership) where he introduces his approach of Social ProtoTyping. He is also a member of the Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) a community of more than 2,600 people working worldwide with improvisation methods as artistic interventions in organizations. He himself loves to work most of the time as a Business Jester® in the corporate world. The A. stands for Alexander the Great.

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