Mark Fairbanks speaks about our ongoing relationship with fear and the choice it presents us with for growth.

Islands of Brilliance Executive Director Mark Fairbanks speaks on the subject of fear as a powerful opportunity for growth as he shares personal experiences confronting fear head on, be it in the world of creative direction or helping change the quality of life of children youth on the autism spectrum through creative programs and workshops.

Note: This talk has been recorded in 3D using “pioneering” GoPro Omni’s generously provided and edited together by MKE Production Rental. Click and hold your cursor on the video to pan around the event and see the talk from all directions. Mark’s talk begins at 16:05. Q&A begins at 42:40

About the speaker

Mark Fairbanks is the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Islands of Brilliance, an early intervention employment and transition program for children, teens, and young adults on the autism spectrum. Students are matched 1 : 1 with design and technology professionals, allowing them to showcase their creativity and thinking, explore vocational skills, and build self-confidence. The program was launched as a pilot project with seven students in October of 2012, and this year is on track for 225 student enrollments in Milwaukee. His TEDx talk 13 Years on an Island tells the personal story behind the creation of Islands of Brilliance.

Prior to Islands of Brilliance, a 25 year career in advertising and design saw Mark working for notable creative boutiques in Milwaukee and Minneapolis including Kohnke Hanneken, Octane, Hunt Adkins, and most recently Translator. During this period his work appeared in nearly every major international awards competition including The One Show, Communication Arts, Graphis, Print, and The Obies, while also receiving acclaim in Adweek, Creativity and The New York Times.

When not occupied with Islands of Brilliance, he finds meaning and artistic expression spending time on the flower gardens that surround the Fairbanks’ family home. His most cherished moments are around the dinner table with his wife Margaret and their two sons, Charlie and Harry.

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