Stress isn’t the problem, it’s your relationship with Stress that is the problem.

Stress is not intrinsically “bad,” and as you may already know, it serves an important purpose. Yet, too much of anything is no longer a good thing. I have spent the past decade learning and practicing various breath and meditation techniques to optimize my mental health and bridge the gap for these ancient practices to meet our modern lifestyle. In this session I will describe how knowing the five states of your nervous system and how to increase your CO2 tolerance could very well be the missing puzzle piece in your pursuit for balance, serenity and contentment. Our power resides in this moment, behind the mind-chatter, in the awe-inspiring spaciousness of loving presence. Join me on this journey of mental health strength training.  

About the speaker

Marin McCue is a yoga and meditation teacher, movement specialist, spin/cycle motivator, author (first book is titled Be The Change), wellness retreat facilitator, one-on-one and group awareness and embodiment coach (, keynote speaker, and a Mental Health Strength Training consultant for small businesses. From an early age, while pursuing and achieving the goal of playing basketball in the NCAA, Marin struggled with depression, self-harm, an eating disorder, and crippling anxiety. She completed a Bachelor’s degree with a focus on Psychology and Philosophy, and now teaches people how to heal themselves and optimize their mental health. It has become her mission to normalize mental health struggles, inspire others to be vulnerable and open, and utilize the power of growing and healing together.

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