Myon is a modular humanoid, which can be disassembled and reassembled during runtime. The body parts are fully autonomous in a threefold sense: they all possess their own energy supply, processing power, and a neural network topology.

Myon has been designed for robustness and easy maintenance. It exhibits a combination of an endoskeleton with an exoskeleton, the latter of which can manually be detached without the need for technical equipment. One of the essential parts is a novel flange which firmly connects the body parts mechanically, whilst at the same time relaying the power supply lines and sensorimotor signals. Particular attention was given to make the exterior appearance friendly and approachable, so that Myon, in contrast to other bulky-looking robots, appears friendly and approachable.

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Manfred Hild is Professor of Digital Systems at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Prior to that he held positions as Visiting Researcher at the SONY Computer Science Laboratory in Paris and as leader of the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory in Berlin. His main research fields are sensorimotor control, humanoid robotics, and the design of distributed systems.

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