Maggie Keith is a 4th generation steward of Foxhollow Farm. Maggie shares her personal and creative journey of what life is like on a farm.

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Maggie Keith is a fourth-generation steward of Foxhollow Farm, a Biodynamic Farm Community in Crestwood, Kentucky. In 2007, Maggie used her business degree and love of food and the outdoors to convert her family’s 1300-acre farm from a conventional three-crop rotation operation to a Biodynamic farm raising grassfed beef. Since 2008, Maggie has been selling and marketing 100% grassfed beef to the greater Louisville community. In 2017, she grew the business, launching Foxhollow Delivery, a subscription delivery service bringing Foxhollow Farm’s grassfed beef to homes throughout the continental USA. For the past 11 years, she and her Mom have worked together with the head herdsman of Foxhollow to grow their herd from 30 to 450 beef cattle. They have also built a community of fellow entrepreneurial farmers who work and live on Foxhollow Farm.

Along with managing business operations of the farm, Maggie is passionate about growing, harvesting, and cooking food! She grows a variety of heirloom vegetables, along with two acres of pumpkins for Foxhollow’s annual Fall Festival. Maggie is co-host on a radio and television show, The Farmer and The Foodie. Her goals are to grow more farmers, advocate for grassfed beef, and encourage everyone to take the time to enjoy a meal around the table with friends and family. Maggie live on Foxhollow Farm with her toddler son and husband, Benton Keith.

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