On the ones and twos, we have an impromptu scratch battle before our talk.

Representing CreativeMornings Oakland: Dion Decibels Representing Pandora Radio: J-Boogie Representing the Public: (J)Pope the Giver

What an awesome battle we got to watch at our last talk; a treat had by all. Our resident DJ, Dion Decibels, put on an amazing show alongside J-Boogie and J-Pope the Giver, scratch battling over random background music by an app from an attendee, and the kicker: our audience had the chance to vote via Twitter.

Video by: Christie Goshe

About the speaker

Have you met someone, who changed the course of your life? Or have you grabbed a new opportunity—even though your heart raced? The chances we take—and don’t—define who we are.

Lisa Schiffman is a passionate advocate of telling the stories that matter. Lisa is the founder of tuttifoodie.com, the digital lifestyle brand for food adventurers. Recently she took a chance and left her position as Director of Experience [LUNA and CLIF Kid brands] at CLIF Bar. CLIF brands, paradigm-breakers in the energy-bar world, have long represented active, outdoor-focused lives that feed adventure. Lisa’s own adventures have ranged from the professional, where she fosters the creation of breakthrough brand strategy for iconic American brands—to the academic—a master’s in social anthropology from Oxford lead to professional people-watching and experience-creation for brands that matter. She invented and lead a 7-year national chocolate adventure—digital, grassroots, and live-event channels. Her work as a brand strategist is based in Jungian archetypes and is connected to the ways in which brands can represent essential aspects of human nature. (Sounds odd, but true.). Her memoir, Generation J, became a national best seller.

She’ll talk about the connection between chance and adventure.

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