How exciting can your job get? Libor shares his life lessons on work and happines.

About the speaker

Which flow is the one to follow? Libor will share his views on sharing positive energy and work excitement, challenging yourself and creating meaningful things.

This month’s speaker, Libor Hoření, started his business at the age of 17, when he launched the Interned portal for sharing recipes,, his most successful project to this day with over two million visitors per day. Once he had earned enough money, he began to wonder how he could use it to help others. This is how the idea of the Dobrokáva project started.

Simply said, Dobrokáva was a coffee stand in the Zelný trh square in Brno. However, you don’t pay for coffee with money, as you might quite understandably expect, but you pay with good deeds. The core of the project is based on the trust that the good deed will be done by the coffee receiver. The donee becomes a donor and as a pleasant side effect, Dobrokáva inspired many similarly themed projects. After three years of its service, 27 000 coffees were exchanged each for a good deed.

Libor’s goal is to inspire others to see that life is not about a cycle of making more and more money. He believes money is important in life, but for those who make more than they need, it makes sense to invest in improving their environment. It’s incredible how much good energy arises when one gets a coffee for doing good.

His newest project Nesnězeno (“uneaten”) is aiming to reduce food waste through a mobile app network.

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