Lianne Keemink tells us how she deals with anxiety and imposter syndrome

Student counsellor Lianne Keemink, a.k.a. The Self Help Hipster, explains the difference between fear and anxiety and suggests ways to deal with the latter. She talks about why so many of us, creatives especially, feel anxious about our work and life. Lianne frankly discusses her own experience of imposter syndrome as well as the practical strategies she learned to cope.

About the speaker

Lianne Keemink is blogger & writer of self help junk(ies) and comedic nonsense on, a website about self help and self development. In the offline world she is a student counselor and has worked in higher education for almost 10 years.

Through her interest in self help and experience with students she’s encountered a lot of problems that could be solved with some more outside-of-the-box thinking…and a little less fear.

Lianne has just finished the manuscript of her first real self help book, bundling everything she’s learned on how to live a great life and not drive yourself crazy in the process.

Photo by Aline Bouma.

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