Let’s talk about Chaos with Sinan von Stietencron

September 21, 8:30am - 10:00am CEST. Hosted at whiteBOX Ateliers

part of a series on Chaos

About the speaker

Sinan von Stietencron is a freelance artist & philosopher. He is a lecturer in the field of Arts & Education of the Nantesbuch Foundation, a freelance trainer and developer of the Academy Philosophy for Children, a freelance art education staff member of the Bavarian State Painting Collection and works as a process facilitator with educational institutions. In his field of applied organismic process philosophy, he gives scientific lectures worldwide on education, sustainability, and art and culture.

Additional details

“Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.” Terry Pratchett

Pan - the Greek shepherd god, not only eponym for the pan flute but also panic, he is the Greek god of chaos. The shepherds worship and fear him at the same time. Just as the Greek word Pan means, complete, all, everyone, chaos is everywhere. Pan only releases it. In Indian mythology, too, we find chaos in the highest ranks of the hierarchy of gods: in Shiva, who, as a destroyer of the world, paradoxically makes creation possible in the first place.

But what is the Chaos? Chaos is more than the absence of order; this would just be disorder. Chaos has its own structure, it is “the order that has been destroyed in the creation of the world,” writes satirist Stanislav Jerzy Lec. But can we even think the world without chaos? What would happen if we really get the mess under control? Or even defeat? Don’t we need the chaos to discover and develop ourselves as human beings? Does not Chaos have its own quality that inspires our imagination and forces us to grow?

You are invited to a philosophical-artistic ride to an unorthodox concept of order. A search for a meaning with biopolar logic and an aesthetic practice that is not satisfied with the crafting - and maybe one or the other personal insight.