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Writer and psychologist Lesley Hazleton explores the vast and often terrifying arena in which politics and religion intersect. But her newest book, “Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto,” may be the most personal yet: a celebration of the agnostic stance as “rising above the flat two-dimensional line of belief/unbelief, creating new possibilities for how we think about being in the world.” In it, she explores what we mean by the search for meaning, invokes the humbling perspective of infinity, and reconsiders what we talk about when we talk about soul. Her approach has been praised as “vital and mischievous” by The New York Times, and as “a positive orientation to life, one that embraces both science and mystery… while remaining intimately grounded and engaged.”

A recipient of The Stranger’s genius award, Hazleton has traced the roots of conflict in several highly acclaimed books, including compelling ‘flesh-and-blood’ biographies of Muhammad and Mary, and casts “an agnostic eye on politics, religion, and existence” on her blog, The Accidental Theologist.

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