Lena Jüngst talks about Water

March 15, 8:30am - 10:00am CET.

part of a series on Water

About the speaker

Lena Jüngst is a co-founder of ten — ace. She is a very creative product designer with an academic background in industry and product design.

Together with her co-founder they invented a water bottle that separates water from taste, which is quite innovative. In her talk, she will share some insights and thoughts about the project, but also why it is crucial that the creatives tackle important issues like this month’s topic.

Additional details

– Special edition of CreativeMornings Munich session –

We are so excited to announce our event in the context of Munich Creative Business Week and in collaboration with Spark Reply.

We will inspire you with a very cool topic, WATER, and a great speaker, super creative location where you can continue working for the rest of the day, and some awesome surprises for you on spot.



The Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) is Germany’s biggest design event. It will set the Bavarian capital alight from March 9 to 17th 2019. Following the guiding principle Design Connects, the eighth edition of MCBW is announcing more than 200 events and addresses experts as well as the general public interested in design.



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