Laurence Nerbonne parle de son métier d'artiste-peintre, d'auteure-compositeure-interprète et du rôle de la laideur dans sa démarche.

About the speaker

Laurence Nerbonne is recognized for her sharp brushstrokes exhibiting a maturity far beyond her 27 years of age. Born in the Outaouais, and now living in Montreal, this self-taught artist focuses on the human face as her visual inspiration, as such; it is now the central point of her work. Beginning by photographing live models, Nerbonne uses acrylic paints to bring to life portraits of large dimension. She carefully chooses subtle yet powerful colors to express the emotional landscape of each of her subjects. Her canvases are inhabited by characters that emerge from the surrounding darkness, bathed in a fixed light. Her use of shadows creates a powerful contrast of light and dark, which conveys a striking portrait wrought with emotion. The subjects, male, female, or child, carry a raw humanity rooted in their intense gaze. Nerbonne captivates the viewer creating an intimate, personal connection through the authenticity and rawness of her characters. It is in the stripping down of their identity that Nerbonne reveals the characters true natural state, as her inspiration affirms, “The face carries the mark of the soul that it hides.”

Laurence Nerbonne

Laurence Nerbonne

Laurence Nerbonne

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