Lauren talks to the crowd as they wait in line for her show.

The audience to Mortified is surprised by an impromptu interview by the MC herself, in this teaser about Humility.

Video: Jessica Jones

About the speaker

Oakland native Lauren Nagel is the Director of Audio Advertising Creative at Pandora, the leading internet radio service–and a member of hip-hop improv group The Freeze, the backing band for SF/Oakland’s cultural phenomenon Mortified. The two roles are surprisingly similar. By day, she leads a multidisciplinary team of producers, engineers and copywriters to make innovative audio advertising in the wild digital west. By night, she freestyle raps about puberty. With a lifetime love of composition, jazz, advertising, hip-hop and jingles, Lauren aims for the intersection of Gilda Radner and tech leader. Hear her on Pandora as the on-air voice of the brand, and find her here.

On Mortified: “These readings capture just how wrong-headed we can be back when we were teenagers.” (This American Life) On The Freeze: “One cup Beastie Boys, one cup ‘Saturday Night Live’ and a pinch of P-Funk adds up to a dizzying dose of creativity.” (AOL City Guide) On Lauren: “You owe $16,401 in student loans. Go Wildcats!” (Northwestern University)

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