Laura Bruun

February 22, 8:30am - 10:00am EET. Hosted at Design Museum

part of a series on Symmetry

About the speaker

Laura is a a gemmologist (D.G. Fin) and a student of Jewelry Design. She describes her work and her relationship with symmetry as:

“From very early on I have been fascinated by jewellery and ornamental objects; and the joy of creating beautiful objects that accompany our daily lives. My Inspiration comes from art, forms, lights and shadows. The city’s buzz and nature’s silence are both phenomena that excite my imagination. And once my mind has worked over an idea long enough, I can transform that idea into a beautiful object.

My jewellery bears a harmony between enormity and vulnerability. A mutation from the dirty and jagged to the pure and beautiful. Craftsmanship is my pride and joy.

Symmetry is about harmony, balance and perfection. Harmony can be found in a beautiful artwork, but one can also find it within the turmoils of life. Although symmetry and harmony can be seen as synonyms, I think of them as two different concepts that compliment each other. There can be harmony sans symmetry and symmetry can cause disarray. An awareness of the small nuances of imbalance can lead into substantial and positive changes in one’s life.”

You may find more information and her beautiful works on .

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