How her many attempts at finding her state of flow led to Larah becoming the unstoppable Bagel Lady

In this very entertaining talk, local food celebrity Larah Bross takes us through her riotous ride from being (among many things) a stand up comedian, a cruise ship entertainer, working in a Michellin starred restaurant to finally finding her true flow and founding Edinburgh’s much needed bagel empire: Bross Bagels. This talk is a peek under the hood of an off-the-charts successful entrepreneurship story that challenges us to learn to ride the wave, to aim to “achieve something that is not going to happen” and to remind ourselves daily “I choose to do this… I am unstoppable.

About the speaker

The Hole Flow Mama Bross aka Larah Bross is Edinburgh’s leading bagel lady. After a gazillion great ideas and career choices ONE finally brought everything together and created what is now considered an institution and recognised as a foodie destination in the UK. Originally from Montreal, Canada Larah had always dreamed about being a performer and was absolutely certain she’d be on Broadway at this point in her life, but in 2017 when Bross Bagels opened its first shop doors in order to help her hard-working freelance Photographer partner, Marc Millar pay the mortgage and support their 2 young daughters she had no idea what her world would soon become…

Join us for this exhilarating ride as Mama Bross shares with us how her many attempts at finding her state of flow led to becoming the bagel lady.

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You can't juggle flow, you gotta go with the flow: take it as it comes to you; rise to the challenges; give up on dreams and create new ones; let go of your babies in life and in work; let each flow inspire the next and allow them to transpire into a whole new flow that you never thought would be your kind of flow — Larah Bross

It's not something I ever wanted to be recognised for, and nothing to do with me being the performer than I always dreamed of being. But something clicked and my inner drive kicked in and I did what I always do; I gave it everything I got, and just like that it became everything I ever wanted" — Larah Bross

"(Bross Bagels) was just an idea, something that would keep me busy from 9-3, something to help Mark pay the mortgage. We had no idea that the first day we opened the doors there'd be a queue down the block and it would turn into what is it today" — Larah Bross

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