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Kurt Minnaar is a youthful, dynamic Mathematics Teacher.

With a focus on Grade 8 and Grade 9 maths, Kurt not only has the front-row seat to the infinite potential of students entering their final phase of basic education, but also gets to witness, firsthand, the academic shortcomings many of his students possess coming from a largely pressurising and broken primary-school system.

However, not being one to succumb to a fairly inoperative education system, Kurt has risen to the challenge of both assisting his students with understanding mathematical concepts, as well as finding a new appreciation for the subject they would otherwise not have felt empowered to excel in.

His studies, paired with his extensive interaction with his learners (many of whom are underprivileged and under-resourced), has pushed Kurt to develop learning materials that teach the mathematical concepts in ways that appeals to the “Generation Z-student”.

His creative multimedia materials (including, but not limited to, posters indicating the presence of maths in everyday objects like sneakers, dancing and other activities, specially-composed musical pieces with mathematical lyrics, a mathematical board game, etc.) seek to reinvent the wheel in the way maths is presented to his students. He believes that the antiquated methods of teaching, while not entirely redundant, can no longer provide the learners with the adequate comprehension of concepts by itself, and needs to supplemented with other inventive strategies.

Kurt is a teacher of integrity and sincere passion. He goes beyond the call of duty, and while teachers nationwide are inundated with delivering a content-heavy-and-time-consuming academic curriculum, Kurt finds the time, resources and energy to serve his learners to the best of his abilities and provide guidance to learners who have often become disenfranchised by the schooling system, particularly the teaching of mathematics.

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