Kriss Eglite tells her story about how to be a pioneer at something you have not done before.

“I think it is not just jewellery making, but whenever you take a leap into something new it is scary. Basically, you jump with your head or for the more levelheaded person feet first into the unknown water – and that takes courage, determination and resilience. At the beginning, it is definitely putting yourself out there, which in turn makes you more vulnerable – because people will react and sometimes the reactions are supportive and other times they are not. I guess at first that is the biggest challenge - to take feedback but keep focusing on your own inner voice as well.”

About the speaker

Our October speaker for Pioneer will be Kriss Eglite, an Estonian jewellery designer, creative director and entrepreneur, who founded the successful jewelry brand New Vintage by Kriss.

We will be talking about the pioneering in jewellery design and will also discuss how to protect the creative products from being copied.

From the beginning Kriss set the goal to create jewellery that would empower women to live lives fully, to dream big and to act bold, to forget about the rules and follow their own path. That is why each design carries a message, a story behind it - something that moves, encourages or touches us.

Kriss’ road to becoming a jewellery designer and a business owner is a bit unusual. She did not study in an art school, in fact until her early 30s she didn’t think she was particularly creative or even had any interest in making jewellery. And as it often happens it takes a difficult or unpleasant event in our life, to suddenly open us up to a completely new way of living.

Doing things her own way, trusting her own instincts and going against the expected norm has been one of the main lessons that she continually practices and values in her work.

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