Kisha Bradley AKA. #Girls with Drills

April 26, 8:30am - 10:00am UTC. Hosted at The Holt

part of a series on Inclusive

About the speaker

Kisha is an engineer and activist for diversity in innovation. She created Bright Box Makerspace so socially excluded young people can access making. She is also Co-Founder of #GirlsWithDrills. link

GirlsWithDrills is fighting for inclusivity.

‘We think making stuff is too much fun for any child to be excluded. So we’re doing something about it. We both love inventing and making. More important than our love for tinkering are the confidence and problem-solving skills we’ve gained through our hobbies.

girlswithdrills was born after we found shared frustrations over the lack of confidence in children, and especially girls, we work with. We want to start a conversation. Why are so many people not able to access the vital skills needed for them to thrive in the future?!

We believe that by giving children equal access to making, we’re helping them gain the skills they need for careers they otherwise wouldn’t consider. We are encouraging tomorrow’s inventors, programmers and tinkerers. After all, many of today’s children will have jobs that don’t yet exist.’

Kisha will be talking #CMinclusive at The Holt, this month’s gathering place. Hope to see you there!

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