Dr. Kim Eckert brings her clinical expertise to bear on anxiety, and shares a few methods for working with it day-to-day.

About the speaker

Dr. Kim Eckert has 20 years of counseling experience helping people on their journeys toward wholeness. She specializes in relationship issues, sexuality, coping skills, spirituality, anxiety, self-esteem, worry and depression. Kim partners with clients who feel stuck or exhausted in their efforts to feel better and get better. Within the context of authentic relationship, she utilizes her training in mindfulness and clinical hypnotherapy along with a dynamic, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral approach to change, hope and health.

​In addition to counseling, Kim is a national retreat and conference speaker and the author of two books with InterVarsity Press: Stronger Than You Think: Becoming Whole Without Having to be Perfect (2007) and Things Your Mother Never Told You: A Woman’s Guide to Sexuality (2014).

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