khalid Abdullah Al-Abri

Hosted at YouTube Live

part of a series on Promise

About the speaker

He is a photographer & a poet, an Economics and Political Science graduate from SQU.The CEO of Omq Production and an administrator in the Omani Photography Society.He is also a member of the Rustaq Photography Society.Khalid has many voluntary contributions at the community level

Additional details

This event will be in Arabic & sign language.

January’s Theme is Promise

A promise is doing something “because I said I would.” Promises can come in all shades, depths, and forms: appointments, acts of kindness, creating and quitting habits, agreements, and resolutions. Thanks to life’s unpredictability, we make and break them all the time.

But what is the value and impact of being individuals of our word?

In the Albanian culture, the word “Besa” means a code of honor and faithfulness. It exceeds the meaning of merely keeping a promise, thus becoming mythologized in its divinity as a solemn oath.

Promises that are made and kept are exchanges of power

We invite you to make and keep one promise to yourself and one promise to others this year. When applied towards positive impact, even the smallest fulfilled promises can create meaningful ripples of change.