Kevin Purdy learned the power of stories and got past an obsession with death.

The common saying “death gives life meaning” cuts both ways. Thinking about death, especially for those creating things for a living, can leave one wondering if their work, their life, will have any lasting legacy. Writer Kevin Purdy wanted to learn how to write fiction during an early midlife crisis, and accidentally learned how good storytelling structure, and evolutionary psychology, point to a different way of looking at your ending.

About the speaker

Kevin Purdy is a writer for The Wirecutter, a New York Times site that finds the best products for most people. He formerly worked as an editor at productivity blog Lifehacker, and as a reporter at The Buffalo News and Niagara Gazette. Kevin is the founder of TEDxBuffalo and a co-founder of CoworkBuffalo He has lived in Buffalo since 1999, minus that one year in Sandusky, OH.

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