Growing up, people told Kevin Necessary that he had a better shot at becoming a professional football player than an editorial cartoonist.

In this talk, Kevin talks about his creative process—taking something that is effecting people in the world, boiling it down, putting his spin on it and sharing it with us as a visual representation.

About the speaker

Kevin Necessary* is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is best known as the editorial cartoonist for, where he also provides illustrations and the occasional story. He also works as a storyboard artist for several video production companies, and creates editorial and poster illustrations.

Kevin lives with his wife, Julie, and cats Huckleberry and Grayson in Cincinnati’s Price Hill neighborhood. A tireless promoter of Cincinnati, he may have harsh words and possibly fisticuffs with anyone who does not share his opinion that the Queen City is damn amazing.

*Yes, that is his real last name.

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I found out that by looking at a drawing, looking at an illustration, and hopefully some of you who do illustration and design notice this as well…it's that added layer. Someone is looking at an event or an image or a message through your eyes and through your interpretation. And I think that really does help people slow down and see something for really what it is and have some added layers to it and some added emotional weight. — Kevin Necessary

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