Kathryn H. Ross

Hosted at VIRTUAL

part of a series on Insecure

About the speaker

Our global theme for June is INSECURE. This month, we are excited to announce a joint virtual event with our Boston chapter!

Our guest is author Kathryn H. Ross, who will be doing a live reading of a chapter from her book, Black Was Not A Label. This essay, titled Erasure, is a powerful piece portraying her 25 year old self in a loving and raw confrontation with her 17 year old self. After the reading we’ll open it up for a moderated Q+A with Kathryn about her work.

Kathryn H. Ross adores cats, warm baths, and of course, reading. Her debut  book, Black Was Not A Label (2019), is a hybrid memoir of essays and poetry that was recently published with indie press PRONTO. She holds a BA and MA in English and Writing and is a columnist for Pasadena Now, where she writes about race and culture. Her creative works range from sentimental speculative shorts and poetry to lamentation essays about living as a young black woman in America.

Read her at speakthewritelanguage.com.

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