Levity saves lives.

Like Socrates, I know that I know nothing. I also know a lot about persuasive copywriting, satire, and the history of Death Row Records.

A friend recently offered to help me with my wardrobe, so that takes care of that. I still need challenging feedback on my writing, invitations to weird happenings, and compassionate support when it's time for me to be silly or to lean into my edge.

Save. Invest. Remember that you're unique but not special.

I would skip meeting a world leader to hang out with anyone who can make me laugh. Levity saves lives.

I'm comfortable in dark and difficult situations, and I'm good at answering in the form of a question.

I've tried to quit writing, but it keeps pulling me back. So I may as well do that for a living, just to save time. For extra scratch, I wouldn't mind delivering flowers.

The dates for my birthday, Cinco de Mayo, and the day I achieved enlightenment over a cup of coffee and a particularly delicious chocolate-chip muffin.

We don't see reality, we interpret it, and we have more control over those interpretations than we usually let ourselves believe. Bad rock music can be great jazz or punk music. In the U.S., it's polite to walk up and down stairs on the right-hand side.


Emerson hasn't saved anything yet.