Kate speaks toward underdogs in the art world.

Described as immersive, provocative, inclusive, and feminist, Kate explores her artistic voice through live painting performance solos where she creates large scale paintings with her body dancing on the canvas.

About the speaker


My professional background in movement improvisation is my creative foundation. Over the course of decades, my body has naturally become my most important tool for self expression. In the last 5 years especially, instead of separating my painting and my performing practice, I have shifted to using my entire body as the paint brush. In doing so, I create transformational experiences and powerful visual expressions. With strong presence and intention, I place my body in direct contact with the paint and wood/canvas to access a more intuitive, visual acuity in my painting. By initiating a fluid conversation between the body, the paint, and the canvas, I am able to express myself through a deep, enlightened connection to the core of my creativity. Nothing impedes my artistic voice reaching the canvas directly and instinctively. As a result of abandoning brushes and embracing my deep kinesthetic knowledge, my visual art has gained a pulse, a rhythm, and a wisdom – my body’s language is truly kinetic and an expression of life’s dynamic movements.

I am a performance artist & an improvisation master.

I create paintings with my body and my soul.

I use emotions to tell my story, her story, our story.

I imagine and build immersive experiences.

I conceptualise & revolutionise.

I reveal what words cannot.

I honour my femininity.

I believe in presence.

I trust spontaneity.

I am unfolding.

I pioneer.

Kate March is a performance artist, painter, poet, and choreographer based in Charleston, South Carolina (at the moment). She received her BA in Dance from Connecticut College and her MA in Choreography from Middlesex University in London. Ms. March’s creative practice spans the fine art and commercial realms with more than a decade of professional and international experience. Ms. March carefully weaves together live performance, visual art, fashion, poetry, and creative technology to produce distinctive experiences and concepts that draw audiences into her outré world. Rooted in a devotion to emotion and nuance, her multi-sensory work creates a dynamic impressionistic mood rather than merely a literal visual narrative. Described as immersive, provocative, inclusive, and feminist, Ms. March explores her artistic voice through live painting performance solos where she creates large scale paintings with her body dancing on the canvas. She has performed around the world in places like the National Arts Club (NY); Ivy Brown Gallery (NY); Chef’s Club (NY); White Room Gallery (NY); Art Mecca of Charleston (South Carolina); The Four Seasons Santa Fe (New Mexico); The Hive (Tokyo, Japan & Singapore); Soho House (Mumbai, India); Art Central Art Fair (Hong Kong); and Melanie Carr Gallery (CT). In 2019, she was selected as the guest artist for the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation’s Center for Art & Culture in Portugal for their International Festival of Performative Arts. Recently, her live performance and painting were commissioned by BMW. In addition to her solo work, Ms. March is the founder and creative director of MARCH : an art house dedicated to making edgy, inclusive, and experiential art for diverse audiences; a metaphysical home for feminist creativity. Some of the innovations of MARCH include: producing multi-sensory art exhibitions in over 10 countries; building I AM, the acclaimed immersive dining and entertainment brand; and championing a wide range of original dance, theatre, and conceptual works including the globally successful evening length works: An Evening of Meat & Love Pings. Finally, her poetry collection: Thirst of Pisces, will be published in February 2021. The book contains her poetry written over the last 12 years in over 15 countries.

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