By educating about the SPGs we can create empathy and awareness

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Annekatrin has studied political sciences and law and is a researcher, founder, ambassador for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a person with the vision to change the world into a better place. Annekatrin has lived in New Zealand, Australia and Japan for many years and worked for different educational institutions as well as for the UN itself. As a child Annekatrin had the vision of a world with complete justice and where all resources are perfectly shared. Therefore Annekatrin dreamed of working for the United Nations but after working for UNODC she recognized that there is a huge gap between the work of the UN and its public perception and that the people do not feel included in the process. For this reason Annekatrin made up her mind to serve as a connector between the UN and the people and to inspire the latter to get involved in the solution processes. Annekatrin is working with students and young people in general in order to present options on how to participate. She inspires and motivates them to be the change that they wish to see in their future. Therefore Annekatrin has co-founded a cultural organization and a lab which serves as a future technology lab as well as a smart citizen lab. The central question of the talk will be if it´s only a dream to achieve complete justice in the world or if we really could co-create it?

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