When do I actually go in a state of flow?

The discussion starts from the description of the theme provided by the Mexico City chapter and the studies of the researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, by trying to answer the question: when do I actually go in a state of flow? For Julien, in exploring the concept of flow, three things are important: 1. presence - it is not just being present physically, how often do we go into places and we don’t realise where we are physically? How often do we listen to our heart, intuition, mind or gut feeling? In exploring the idea of presence, Julien also did an exercise with the audience in order to see how important it is to be present and what is the impact on our body2. purpose  - what slightly and gently guides us through life3. push -  behind that push it is important how we create our energy that enables us to actually move forward

About the speaker

Born and raised in Paris, Julien grew up in a very multicultural and multifaceted environment allowing him to develop an open vision of the world. After leaving Paris, he settled in Amsterdam then London and currently lives in Cluj. From an early age, Julien has been passionate about enabling others to figure out their passion, what motivates them and how to achieve their vision. He has been working most of his life in the Learning and Development arena, constantly looking for new ways to develop and grow those that surround him. A creative and enthusiastic innovator, he loves unique challenges and looking for new possibilities in the world around him. His journey brought him to Cluj where, in the recent years, he opened Future Minds, his own coaching practice. He currently works as a Success Coach with a variety of individuals from leaders and managers to artists and designers. Father of two little girls, he spends his days between family, coaching, learning new skills and discovering new hobbies and passions where he can develop his own presence, sharpen his abilities and boost his energy.

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