Josh McJannett on finding purpose through investing in self, community, and for the future.

Josh McJannett, Co-Founder of Ottawa’s own Dominion City Brewing Co. to speaks on this month’s global theme of invest. Josh, through his brewery, Dominion City has shown that investing in your community can produce big results. But so too does investing in our creativity. Every decision we make – every day – is an investment for or against our creativity. Choosing to spend our time picking up a new hobby or joining a certain community can pay big dividends for our creative efforts.

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Join us welcoming Josh McJannett, Co-Founder of Ottawa’s own Dominion City Brewing Co. to speak on this month’s global theme of invest.

Investing isn’t solely a monetary action. Invest, in a grander sense, comes down to the importance of devoting time and effort into what brings the most richness in your life. So what are the effects of investing in yourself, in your community, and in your future? The actions you make today impact future generations, and it’s important to set them up for success by investing in your best interests.

Before co-founding Dominion City, Josh spent a decade in public affairs advising elected officials and providing strategic and regulatory counsel to some of Canada’s best-known companies.

Dominion City offers a golden opportunity to invest right back into the community it’s rooted in. Founded in 2014, with a mission to create delicious artisanal beer emphasizing a connection with the land and the people who make it possible.

Over the last five years, Dominion City has earned a reputation for brewing quality beer, operating as a caring and contributing member of their community and acting as a leading voice in Ontario’s craft beer community.

What started as a place to brew great beer became a place for a much deeper contribution; Dominion City stands acts as a soapbox to bring awareness to their values, and to the causes that bring future ‘richness’.

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