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John Prymmer tried out for his first music audition at the age 13 and has never looked back. John graduated from Youngstown State University and played music in order to work his way through school. Over the years, John has travelled across the US with different bands and has learned the art of running sound by playing music and working closely with sound technicians and studio engineers.

Today John is one of the owners of The Wanch, home of live music in Hong Kong since 1987, offering original music showcase nights, the top local covers bands and jam sessions. John, along with Tatsuya and Roy, takes care of the sound for the performers on a nightly basis. John is also frontman of one of Hong Kong’s most favourite bands, Don’t Panic (est. 2002), where he is lead vocalist and guitarist. In the words of John himself, “Running live sound is an art, just ask anyone who does it.”

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