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Joey Robinson teaches ‘yoga’. If you go to his classes in Vienna, he will teach you to feel different parts of your body and how they can work together more efficiently. But what he’s really teaching is how to pay attention to your experience, using the body and movement as a focus. Joey highly recommends paying attention because the more we PAY ATTENTION, the more we SEE, and if we step into this process, it becomes evolutionary, expanding to transform our lives and the relationships that sustain them. If you are interested in these themes, Joey teaches workshops and retreats throughout the year that examine various aspects of this journey.

Spending lots of time doing yoga also turned Joey into a musician. When he is not teaching yoga, he makes music under the moniker Tin Man Falls. If you happen to be in Linz on November 22nd, you can see him live at ARS ELECTRONICA.

joeyyoga.com / tinmanfalls.com

Being lost has been central to Joey’s life, and he looks forward to sharing why it might be a great thing to ‘Get Lost!’

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