Jessica Serran speaks about new territories that color can push us into

It would be nice if we could make the emotions into some type of color wheel, wouldn’t it? But it doesn’t work that way. And Jessica knows why.

About the speaker

Jessica Serran is a Canadian-born, Prague-based artist who is interested in the personal terrain that we all travel and the processes we go through to make sense of it. Jessica is a Psycho-Cartographer. In one project she explores the experiences of Latino Day Labourers in Oakland, California, in another she touches identity and place in the land of her ancestors – the Czech Republic. Explore more about Jessica, her work and yourself at

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In order for anything new to emerge, we need to step into a new territory, and it requires getting a little bit uncomfortable. It means we need to step into a darkness and some chaos in order to find the new thing. — jessica serran

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