Jeremiah Griswold

May 25, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at American Sign Museum

part of a series on Commitment

About the speaker

Jeremiah Griswold is the owner and lead artist at White Whale Tattoo in Cincinnati. Jeremiah has been tattooing for more than a decade and has created a unique style of tattooing that blends his love for pointillism and the mastery of woodcut linework. Jeremiah began his apprenticeship in 2007 while living in Guatemala where he volunteered in gang prisons and a marginalized community known as La Limonada.

Now, White Whale artists travel annually to Guatemala to provide free coverup work for former gang members, sex workers, and others hoping to change their personal narratives. A significant portion of the proceeds of White Whale goes to support organizations that are advocating for and empowering the economically disadvantaged locally and globally.

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